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Wood Stoves and Fireplaces


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Wood Burning Device Change Out Program Year 2:

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Financial Incentives:

Wood Burning Device Change-Out Program Year 2:  We are currently in Wood Burning Device Change-Out Program Year 2. Butte County Air Quality Management District (District), in cooperation with US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will provide up to $3,000 in instant rebates to Butte County homeowners who change out or retrofit their older, high-emissions wood burning devices with more efficient devices.  The District’s Wood Burning Device Change-Out Program was designed to help improve air quality and reduce pollution by encouraging adoption of cleaner-burning devices. More information can be found here

PG&E Care Program  Provides a monthly discount on energy bills for income qualified households and housing facilities.   


The Chico Enterprise Record newspaper won national and state journalism awards on series of articles on residential woodburning including the District's proposal to adopt a Mandatory Wood Burning Curtailment Rule for the Chico area. Follow this link to the 21 articles printed during May 2010. 

District Rule 207, Wood Burning Devices , adopted by the Governing Board on December 11, 2008. Summary of Rule 207 Requirements, District-Approved Zero Clearance Fireplaces

Sample Wood Burning Model Ordinance for local jurisdictions.  The Governing Board declined to adopt proposed new Rule 208, Mandatory Wood Burning Curtailment Periods and requested official input from the City of Chico. The City of Chico has since adopted an mandatory ordinance based on District forecasts.

Butte County Asthma Profile July 2008

The Woodpile is now online, with original articles, news and commentary about the future of residential wood heating. The Woodpile is a project of The Wood Heat Organization Inc.

Q & A Wood Stoves and Fireplaces

Summary-of-Health-Impacts-from-Wood-Smoke- Numerous scientific studies report potentially serious adverse health effects from breathing smoke emitted by residential wood combustion. A table extracted from the San Joaquin Valley Unified Air Pollution Control District provides reference material including Author, Journal and summary of the study. 


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Air Resources Board Health Update - The Potential Health Impacts of Residentail Wood Burning (power point presentation)

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INHALATION TOXICOLOGY  International Forum for Respiratory Research Woodsmoke Health Effects: A Review 

New England Journal of Medicine, Special Article, 1/22/09:  "Fine-Particulate Air Pollution and Life Expectancy in the United States"   



Split, Stack, Cover, StoreProvides four easy steps on how to dry wood for proper use in wood stoves or fireplaces.

Wet Wood is a Waste:  This short video offers tips on how to use a simple moisture meter to test wood to see if it dry enough to burn. Properly dried wood should have a reading of 20% or less.

Chico Enterprise-Record Video: A Burning Issue: May 2010 series on wood smoke to better understand the medical, environmental, political and economic realities of heating homes with wood.  

Home Green Home: Burning Wisely  The Home Green Home article is the latest in a series exploring the ways Americans are improving the efficiency and reducing the footprint of their homes.

Libby Montana Video - Clearing the Smoke - The Libby Report

Burn it Smart #1 - DVD on Advanced Woodstove Technology: View it on YouTube 

Burn it Smart #2 - DVD on Firewood: From Forest to Woodshed: View it on YouTube

Wood Stove Operation - Informative video from Environment Canada's Clean Air Online Website

How to Start a Proper Fire - View it on YouTube 

Wood Burning Device Change Out Program begins soon! Check back frequently for news of Program Year 2, or sign up for future program notifications here.