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Carl Moyer Program

Applications are now being accepted for Carl Moyer Program Year 16 through May 1.  Only complete applications will be accepted; please carefully read instructions and provide ALL required documentation in order for your application to be accepted. Incomplete applications will be returned.  Applications will be ranked for cost-effectiveness after May 1 and grant awards will be issued based on those rankings. 


Portable and Stationary Agricultural Engine Application Form

Off-Road Repower or Retrofit Application Form

On-Road Heavy Duty Fleet Modernization Application Form

Off-Road Equipment Replacement Program (Download 3 documents):

     Off-Road Equipment Replacement Program Overview

     Off-Road Equipment Replacement Program Applicant Checklist

     Off-Road Equipment Replacement Program Application Form

For more information, call or email Armen Kamian at (530) 332-9400, extension 108, or  

The California Air Pollution Control Officers Association (CAPCOA) administers grant funds to assist rural districts in funding eligible projects (Rural Assistance Program-[RAP]).  CAPCOA Carl Moyer Program

CAPCOA is currently accepting applications for Year 14 RAP projects, with about $720,000 in project funds available.  Use the link above to access forms and more information.

Need helping finding information about the State Air Resources Board (CARB) On-Road Truck Regulations? Call the CARB Hotline number: 866-634-3735 (866-6Diesel)

The Carl Moyer Program was established in 1998 as a partnership between the California Air Resources Board (ARB) and local air districts. The grant program was designed to fund the incremental cost of cleaner-then-required heavy-duty engines. Originally, the program targeted the reduction of oxides of nitrogen (NOx) emissions, but now includes the reduction of Particulate Matter (PM) and Reactive Organic Gases (ROG). Legislative modification in 2004 expanded the program to include projects that reduce emissions from agricultural sources, light-duty vehicles, and on-road fleet modernization.

The Carl Moyer program provides incentives to purchasers of diesel low-emission on- and off-road medium and heavy-duty trucks, buses, agricultural pumps, for repowering, rebuilding or retrofitting used diesel equipment with cleaner engines.

The 2011 Carl Moyer Guidelines can be reviewed at CARB's website.

The District administers the Carl Moyer Program through a Policies and Procedures Manual approved by the Governing Board annually. The Policies and Procedures Manual for Year 15 (2013) Carl Moyer Program was approved on February 28, 2013.

How can I apply?

The District solicits request for projects (RFP) each year. The RFP continues for a minimum 30-day period. The District maintains a list of interested parties, which includes previous applicants, businesses and the agricultural community. Application forms are available on the District website or by request when funds become available.